The child on the back suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
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King World Missions
P. O. Box 38106
Plot No. C736/A Mutendere
Lusaka, Zambia
Cell 260-1-0977884174
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A father of the fatherless, and protector of widows,
is God in His holy habitation.  Ps 68:5

SPONSORSHIP: It is a child’s right to go to school; with 100 USD, you sponsor one child into school with school requirements and medicals for one year.  Just $7 pays for 1 month of schooling!

JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH: We have currently been receiving requests from widows who have children from higher schools of learning and could not afford to pay for them. With 100 USD, you can sponsor such a child for one year.

FOOD: Poverty levels are high in my community, With 50 USD, you can help two families buy Maize meal our staple food for a month.

WARM CLOTHES: Children leave their cold homes (under the bridges) out in the street. The picture could not be more grim, more so now that we are approaching the cold season. With 100 USD, you could clothe 5 children with warm clothes, socks and shoes. You may wish to box the clothes and send them to us. See our physical or Post Box address to the left.

MOTIVATION: We have two qualified Teachers and one Care Giver at King World School. With 150 USD, you motivate these wonderful and hard working women for a full month.

RENT: We are a non- profit making organization; we do not have a building of our own. With 300 USD you can help us settle the building user fee for 4 months.

PROCUREMENT: We hope to procure a Peanut Butter Making Machine at the cost of 5 million Kwacha (1300.00 USD). With groundnuts readily available in our markets, this could be a good income generating project for the women.

BOX THEM: Do you have clothes, shoes, socks, toys, cell phones, even computers that are of no longer use for you and your relatives? Why not BOX THEM and send them to us at King World Missions? It's yours and our way of helping the ones that need it most.

OUR SHORT TERM AND IMMEDIATE PROJECT: to provide the children with a clean learning environment, warm food and warm clothes.

LONG TERM PROJECT: Our long term project (10 years) is to build these children a school. An account has been opened for the same and some fund raising ventures have been lined up for this year.

Feel free to let us know how you would want your donation(s) used. We do not take your donation for granted. We value every donation given to us.

Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!

Rev. Ralph Sebente
Cell 260-1-0977884174
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Our principals in the United States are Ralph and Carol Sechriest and they are handling the funds for King World Missions.  We have worked with them the last 2 years and can be trusted with the funds.

There are 2 ways to donate.  You can send a check to: King World Missions,  c/o Ralph Sechriest, P.O. Box 324, Millersburg, OH 44654.  Make check payable to King World Missions.  OR......

If you would like to use a credit card,  you can click on the button above.  Please note, the account is Dutchland Marketing, which is the name of Carol's verified PayPal account.  As you can see, payment is credited to King World Missions.

Sponsor a Child