The child on the back is the one who suffers.
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A father of the fatherless, and protector of widows,
is God in His holy habitation.  Ps 68:5
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Established in 2005, King World Missions has been home for many children in my community who with their guardians live in extreme poverty. At school these children receive clothing donated by friends in the west. Food is shared evenly among the children just as education and love.

The love and nurturing, the children receive from the care givers and teachers, foster their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.  They are always encouraged to study what they are most interested in . As they grow into adolescents workshops are organised so they can learn about topics related to this stage in their life. As they reach the end of their high school years, those who show aptitude for academics will be encouraged to study for professional work.

The school opened its doors to the public on April 1st  2005 and had 50 children attending pre-school nursery and grade one. The Mission intends to go up to grade seven.

King World Missions initiated this project in order to:-
1.Promote the right of women and children in the community
2.Mitigate the impact of HIV / AIDS which comes as a result of poverty.
3.Protect the children from drugs, violence, abuse, and boost their self esteem.
4.Empower the children through education
5.Discover children’s talents through sport
6.Empower women with life sustaining skills.

To empower women and children with education and basic training skills in tailoring  and carpentry for youths to enable them meet basic needs in life.
To sensitize the community on the need to care for the orphans and vulnerable  in the community.
To empower the guardians of the said orphans with income generating skills to avoid the same parents sending the children into the street.
To build the king world canter within the heart of Kalingalinga were we bought land. 

To work across barriers of different denominations, colour, and creed in the fostering of humanitarian aid, education, skills counselling and community based rehab on children and young mothers.

To be the most active and leading Christian organisation in addressing the needs and concerns of vulnerable and empowering them through skills training and advocacy in the Sub-Saharan Region.

Children responds very differently to their experience at different ages, depending on their level of physical, cognitive and psychological development. With a centre in place:

Children shall use art and sport to disseminate info. On HIV / AIDS and other problems affecting them.
We will work to prevent or reduce the spread of HIV/ AIDS
We can strengthen young people with life skills including how to avoid infection of the deadly diseases.
We can enable parents to live longer, better and in greater dignity improve their house hold economic capacity.
We can provide psychosocial support.
We can encourage foster families to send orphans to school.
We will use art and sport to encourage HIV prevention and compassion for people living with it.
We will alert authorities to urgent problems affecting the community like drainages, clean water etc.
We will visit the most vulnerable children and households to provide emotional and material support.
We can raise funds for relief assistance to vulnerable families.
We can organise sport and creation activities to promote the integration of orphans.
We can provide skills training.

Reduce illiteracy in the community.
Increase sense of ownership of the centre once constructed by the community.
Promote the girl child education.
Promote community education on socio-economic values.
Facilitate the establishment of community development-oriented income generating ventures by community.
Use Indigenous Knowledge System ( IKS ) and education to promote education in the community.
Lobby government for improvement policies for the communities on back to school program.

Construction of an education centre in the heart of the community where we have land.
Develop and running education programmes in my community.
Sensitizing our community the importance of education.
Networking and brokering development in partnership programs with Ministry of Education.
Liaising  on behalf of my community with local authorities on matters pertaining to education.
Giving technical assistance to our partner communities.

King World Missions is a Charity organisation registered with the Registrar of Companies in June 2005, as a Company Limited by Guarantee.  Our partners and beneficiaries are Kalingalinga,  Hellen Kaunda and Vera Chiluba communities. The project also does what we call ‘Road Shows.’ This is where companies who want their products advertised approach our Drama and Dancing Group to advertise their products in market places. Of course the company pays for the service. This way we are able to finance the project. And once in a while we may have a one time sponsor.

By and large, we are a young up coming organisation helping the community. We know at this juncture that it is almost impossible to offer our community the needed help without your assistance.