The child on the back suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
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King World Missions
P. O. Box 38106
Plot No. C736/A Mutendere
Lusaka, Zambia
Cell 260-1-0977884174
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A father of the fatherless, and protector of widows,
is God in His holy habitation.  Ps 68:5
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One of the most exciting events in 2008 was the arrival of THE ELEPHANT!

You are probably wondering why we need an elephant at King World Missions!

You are right, there are plenty of elephants in the Africa bush and at the zoo.  King World Missions received their version of an elephant as a gift from Crossroads, in Hong Kong! 

Here are pictures of OUR ELEPHANT! a large gray truck FILLED with chairs, desks, clothing, computers, and other items donated by Crossroads!

It was an exciting time and not without its problems as we learned to deal with customs, transportation, storage costs, etc.  Storage costs were extremely high, nearly $350/day.  Fortunately, Crossroads paid half the money
to be re-paid by selling some of the supplies.  KWM received a bank loan to pay for the balance.

A valuable lesson learned by all.  NOTHING IS REALLY FREE, IS IT?


We are proud to be the recipient of the "Elephant" as donated by Cross roads. Children will not forget the day we were distributing the contents to them. Dear Cross Roads, we want you to know that children here run about half dressed in just a thin blouse no shoes their tummies are empty. They chew carrots to stay the pangs go from their cold homes (under bridges) out into the cold street. Yes it has even got so bad in Lusaka that countless children stop the passers-by and beg for a piece of bread or beg for money.

I can go on for hour about all the sufferings HIV/ AIDS and poverty has brought, I can easily quote the saying "Misfortunes never come singly" but then, I would only make myself dejected. There is nothing we can do but wait as calmly as we can till the misery comes to an end. This is one reason why we are honored and greatly privileged to have received "the Elephant" from you! We will not stop singing (bragging) about it, because many lives have been changed as a result of "the elephant" It is our hope and trust that as we get the Tax Exemption we can partner once again for the second "elephant.

Pastor Sebente on the left with the truck driver.
Checking out the many boxes to see what they contain!
Lots of high quality desks and chairs.
Hundreds of back packs for the children.

Yesterday April 8, 2009 we were privileged along with Cavmont Capital bank, King World Missions, was donating computers and tables to an organization dealing with children. This event was covered both by Radio and TV. You will want to know the Chair lady of this organization, It is the First Lady! The wife to our president! Though she was not in attendance, she sent two women Ministers to represent her and to read the letter, that thanked King World Missions for the donation, for her. Ralph was not there, busy with the Easter arrangements at church, so I, Florence and Christine represented King World Missions.

It is the first time, so to say, that King World Missions is appearing on the National Televisions doing charity work in the community. We are proud of our donors Crossroads, who sent these items in THE ELEPHANT.

God bless you all. Love,  Agnes


Extraordinary things can happen to people who believe. Just imagine we now have a tap of water just few steps from our home. We will no longer be walking four blocks away to draw drinking water.

As there is no bath room, we use the toilet for the same facility. All seven of us take it in turns to make use of this great luxury. But, because we are all different and some are more modest than others, each member of the two families has found his own place for carrying out the performance. Mapalo uses an unfinished house though it has no doors windows and roof as her bath room. When she is going to have a bath, she goes to each one of us in turn and tells us that we must not walk passed the unfinished house for 10 minutes. She thinks this is sufficient but what about those who are not part of the seven.

My Ralph goes right to the small separate room which also is the toilet. To him it is not a bother carrying hot water all that way, so as to have the seclusion of his own room for a bath. I have chosen our bedroom, though not big enough, for my scrub. The curtains there are drawn, there I can sit on a stool, have the light on, lock the door pour my own bath water away, and I am safe from prying eyes.

Not only were we able to draw water the whole day but can do our laundry anytime we feel like. Hope my Ralph will attach the few photos he got of me this am doing laundry. Now it is rather indecent to tell you what we did to over come this difficulty before the tap arrived. However, I am not such prude that I can’t talk about these things. Some time we would employ a boy to draw the water to feel the drum for us. Other time we will give a woman to go and do laundry for us at a fee. Now we are free to do laundry anytime with tap water a few yards away from our home. It is such great luxury that we can’t find words to express how happy we are.

I thought I should share this good news with you.
Agnes drawing water at new tap
Agnes hanging laundry
Agnes washing clothes
Outside toilet shared by 7 people
Unfinished house where Mapalo dresses.
Mapalo in school uniform
Our ELEPHANT - The Large gray container!
A very happy recipient of some items.

EXCITING NEWS! Working with WorkAid

Dear Susan and the Workaid team,

Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind consideration in taking on and helping King World Missions realize its dream. Thank you for your inspiring words. They have encouraged us greatly and they always bring life and love to the big family that we can fail to put in words. How so thankful we are for the support of machinery for the  work King World Missions is doing in my community. We just wanted to remind you that among the equipment we requested in the form we filled, we also asked for the container after everything has been emptied. We are privileged to note that our school and offices are in a four walled fence. 

God richly bless you for your faithfulness. Thank you for doing the Kingdom work. Continue doing good and good will continue coming your way.

We at King World Missions do love and appreciate you so much.
You are a blessing to us.

Ralph and Agnes.