The child on the back suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffersThe baby on the back is the who suffers
The baby on the back is the who suffers
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A father of the fatherless, and protector of widows,
is God in His holy habitation.  Ps 68:5
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Below are pictures of the Staff of King World Missions.
Become a Neighbor of Mutendere Zambia
King World Missions
Plot No. C736/A Mutendere
P. O. Box 38106
Lusaka, Zambia
Cell 260-1-0977884174
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Please feel free to contact us at any time.  Your comments, questions are suggestions are always appreciated.  Our physical address is below or you can send us an email.
Florence Kabwela, Treasurer

These children shine like a new penny each day.
Ronald Mpande, Secretary

The joy we bring to these children brightens our own.
Rev. Ralph Sebente, Director

When you give these children a piece of yourself, there is a feeling they give back, something obvious, something I can not explain that is priceless.
Agnes Sebente, Project Co-Ordinator

For some reason unknown to us, God has not given us children in our marriage and I have not experienced every woman's joy of childbirth. But through King World School, I have watched a baby learn to walk, go through the discomfort of cutting teeth, learn to walk, (in fact falls rather than walks), babble rather than talks, the joy of catching their first words to mean mine.  It is truly a miracle to see a child go through these stages of life.
Christine Sakala, Program Outreach

When I see those (sometimes sick) little faces light up, it makes my day and does my health good too.
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Your donations help us educate and care for the children and widows of Zambia.

Anything you give will be greatly appreciated and used with the utmost care. 

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