The child on the back is the one who suffers.
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A father of the fatherless, and protector of widows,
is God in His holy habitation.  Ps 68:5
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Gracefold School
Nicely painted front of school building.
Some of the younger children in their classroom.  That is Pastor Sebente peeking around through the door!
Children having fun behind the teacher's back! Notice the nice desks....courtesy of the Hong Kong Container, Elena the Elephant!
Gracefold School opened with more numbers in the baby class, We saw that children begun to fight over chairs. Last week we bought some more baby chairs and tables to bring peace. We attached a minimal fee to go towards the running of Gracefold school. We are just hoping that the parents will be able to afford it.
Number of children attending Gracefold School as of December 2015 is 52.
Hoping to add a new staff member in January 2016.  School resumes on January 11th after an early break due to problems with water supply being contaminated.

Classroom has been painted  while the children are on break!
Adding fill dirt to make the ground behind the school level.
Thanks to your donations, we are able to make a few improvements to the school property.